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Human Resources

Human Resources


A market leader in Human Resource management, HRMForce provides analytics company-wide for measuring applicants, employees and company wellbeing. Starting from the point of recruitment, HRMForce helps you to focus on candidates with high potential, leading to employees with high performance and in turn, higher profits!!!

What’s more? It’s a 100% ‘cloud’ setup, with everything available in a single platform; practical, simple and easy to use

Distinctive features of HRMForce:

  • Enhances the selection of High Performers while reducing the number of unsuitable candidates in the recruitment pipeline
  • HR Analytics using Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Performance Overviews
  • Competency and Leadership development through Personal Development Planning, Performance assessments and interactive feedback
  • Effective performance management drives employee engagement and help retain talent
  • Increase Employability through Career Orientation and Outplacement
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