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Healthcare and Nutrition

Healthcare and Nutrition


One of our main solutions, ScanLight acts as a Level 3 system, controlling high-speed packaging lines providing a total solution for Track & Trace for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.

As the name suggests, it’s called ‘Light ’ as the application setup is light. The architecture is based on webservices with HTML 5; totally browser based with no client installation needed.

This means we can,

  • Have responsive design and making the solution device independent.
  • Hassle-free reporting toward all common Level 4 systems like Tracelink, SAP ATTPS, RFXCEL, etc.…
  • Reduces the validation efforts tremendously but offers maximum scalability
  • Devices can be used at multiple packing/warehouse lines
  • In case of aggregation, especially in manufacturing or in distribution centers where packing is done, additional “capacity” means just adding more devices to the network as applicable

Distinctive features of ScanLight:

  • Supports Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution
  • Dynamic coding and Serialization
  • Verification of serialized labels
  • Data capture and exchange with Track and Trace systems
  • Part-11 compliant, with audit trails and data integrity, ensuring a 100% secure solution
  • Device and language independent
  • Responsive design, supporting conventional Mouse and Keyboard, Touch screens and Scanners
  • Ability to work with over 1 billion serials – fast, accurate and efficient; without any performance impact

ScanLight Mobile

ScanLight Mobile is a lighter version of ScanLight but contains almost the same logic as its web-version. Supporting main warehouse functions such as Incoming, Handling, Sampling and Distribution, ScanLight Mobile is an online application, exchanging data with level 4 Track and Trace systems.

Distinctive features of ScanLight Mobile:

  • Scanning using mobile camera
  • Auto save for data recovery and offline data saving mechanisms
  • Disaggregation and re-aggregation
  • Get information on deliveries and items
  • Uses a two-fold authentication process to ensure secured transactions – individual user credentials through the Federation Service and HMAC Authentication


Digital Vial Counter (DVC)

Digital Vial Counter (DVC) is a Windows based desktop application; running on Microsoft .net framework, that helps the customer to count medicine vials automatically instead of manually. Typically, vials are received from the supplier in trays, with predefined quantity and the DVC application will compare the actual vials present against the supplier defined quantity.

The application uses a “top view” camera to check the total amount of vials present in the tray. Accompanying the top view camera, a side view camera is connected to capture the information on the side of the tray. Using Augmented Reality, the result of the comparison (predefined versus actual amount) will be shown and recorded by the DVC application. Based on the result, the user can register if the result is acceptable or not, and how to proceed.

Digital Vial Counter

Smart Packaging solutions

Some of our latest innovations – the Smart Packaging solutions, can connect Pharmaceutical companies and the patients through a mobile device. Using current trends in Augmented Reality and Google Analytics, the VirDoc and VirtuCare applications make information available at your fingertips!

By scanning the QR code on the medicine package using their mobile phone’s camera, patients can,

  • Get the guidance of augmented assistants
  • Receive additional information on the medicine and available variants (flavors, tablets or liquid forms) and dosage
  • Do authenticity checks on medicine, connecting to level 4 serialization systems or governmental portals
  • Set up schedules based on the recommended intake or on expiration dates

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