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H2Compute’s system and network management

When H2Compute starts looking after (parts of) your IT infrastructure, changes made to it will never come as a surprise.  The optimal functioning of your business processes and users’ acceptance is at the top of our priority list. Of course we supply the right technology for integration, implementation and management services, but we also handle training of managers and users, work instructions and establishing and safeguarding procedures. Only then will the IT infrastructure be optimally used. We manage applications, workstations and infrastructures both remotely and on location. We can also design and plan your network structure without the losing availability of any of your current IT functions. Effectively harmonizing your IT infrastructure and processes is paramount for the future of your business.

H2Compute can also integrate all systems and arrange those to communicate with your corporate information. This is independent of the platform you are working on. We offer completely integrated systems regardless of whether your network is Apple or Windows based, you are using Citrix or VMware, iPads, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

You can contact our support department directly if problems arise. In most cases our employees can solve your problems instantly too!

Systeem en netwerkbeheer

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