Software Development

H2Compute supplies the software you need

H2Compute organizes software at various levels. Depending on your needs an H2Compute software product can be either tailor made or built using a standard software licence.


When you decide to use tailor made H2Compute software you will be surprised by our above average level of attention and pragmatic methods.

This starts with making an inventory  and development of the design. We will assess the test versions together during the development phase and ensure the test experiences and results are directly incorporated into the final design.

Every section will be intensively tested during the final project phase and a user acceptance test will be carried out as part of the delivery process.


H2React the total solution for your ERP, CRM and BI

H2React is the total solution for your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and your Business Intelligence (BI) needs. You can effectively deploy your goods and/or document flow, optimally manage your suppliers and customers and get constantly updated about your business status.

H2React has been specifically developed to manage information with as few actions as possible. Various user friendly applications can be used both independently and consecutively. The source layer ensures information regarding customers, products and other basic information only needs to be entered once in order to match everywhere.

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