H2Compute is a “Total Solution Provider”, we can be your partner for all your IT issues. Whether it comes to software development, system support or hiring IT specialists; We are happy to assist you!


Cloud & Outsourcing

If you have a varying number of employees, you could opt for a variable number of workstations. We manage the servers, backups and software maintenance.

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We can provide all possible hardware solutions. After examining the needs of your organization, we will provide you with advice about the hardware that is best suited for your situation.

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Hire IT Specialists

We have the people you need. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for IT managers, architects, network specialists, programmers or any other specific field of expertise.

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IT Training

We are very flexible. We just as easily train groups as we do individuals and the courses can be certification or tailor made training.

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ScanLight adds serialization to your organization at an affordable price. It handles the data exchange between your, or your customer’s serialization and enterprise system, and takes care of the serialization itself.

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Webdesign and Development

We can design and build your site. We make the design and content in consultation with you. This ensures that your website perfectly fits your needs.

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Software Development

H2Compute organizes software at various levels. Depending on your needs an H2Compute software product can be either tailor made or built using a standard software licence.

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System and Network

When H2Compute starts looking after (parts of) your IT infrastructure changes made to it will never come as a surprise. The optimal functioning of your business processes and users’ acceptance is at the top of our priority list.

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Are you yet to experience the IT solution that enables optimal business management?