Serialization in life sciences, made simple at a fraction of the cost.

Are you a CMO for a larger multinational company or a distribution center for pharmaceutical products or:

  • Are you performing serialization activities?
  • Are you shocked by the costs that are actually required to comply with all the regulations and customer demands for serialization?
  • Are you considering a significant investment necessary for full compliance?


ScanLight adds serialization to your organization at an affordable price. It handles the data exchange between your, or your customer’s serialization and enterprise system, and takes care of the serialization itself.


ScanLight is a simple, low cost and intuitive solution which integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure without requiring a large (business risk) investment. It also comes with a validation package to ensure your CSV (Computer System Validation) compliance.

The Benefits

ScanLight is easy to use and simple to implement. Installation and validation testing can be done in just a couple of days. The User Interface of the software is device independent, while the actual application can run within your own network or on a cloud server.

ScanLight has an extensive audit trail and provides reconciliation reports. Differing permissions per user can be configured, allowing for optimum application integrity.
No additional modules need to be acquired, no strange license fees for usage of the system, no hidden costs or fees (per serial). It is a simple and transparent system using a financial model which will not obliterate your margin.
The system is scalable and can easily be expanded upon, it uses common Microsoft technologies that ensure it can be used by anyone. New Track and Trace requirements can be implemented quickly. Thus providing improved operational efficiency, leaving more time for tasks within your core business.

Tracelink integration

ScanLight provides several functionalities. It integrates three levels of data, that being master data, work order related data and event data. The search and filter tool makes data retrieval simple and easy.
When a work order is created, the GS1 data matrix codes can be printed and serialization can begin immediately. Afterwards, reporting can be provided and uploaded to an enterprise system such as Tracelink.

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