Cloud and Outsourcing

No investment but flexible costs

If you have a varying number of employees, you could opt for a variable number of workstations. We manage the servers, backups and software maintenance. We apply user specific functionalities per workstation regardless of where the workstation is. It could be on the road, at home or at the office. In short, we supply this flexible and professional solution anywhere in the world.

At H2Compute we refer to this as a mobile workstation.

You can adjust the amount of workstations per month and you pay a fixed amount per workstation. Your employees will have their own applications at their disposal wherever they are. Exactly as if they would have been working at the office. For Windows, Apple, laptops, PCs and Tablets like the iPad. You can even configure your iPhone as a workstation.

An H2Compute mobile workstation will always be up to date and allow you to be flexible. Our servers are at your disposal. You can relinquish the worries about workstation management and availability to us. Connect to our data centres using safe and fast connections and your business applications will be managed from our site.

We could just as easily organize all your servers as we would a single application in this way.

Because you no longer need to invest in your own servers and their maintenance, more time will be available for you to focus on your business processes.

Mobile workstation

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