About Us

Mission and Vision

Nowadays IT is no longer simply a cost center, it’s a means to optimize your operational management’s efficiency.
You could say it’s an investment in economization. H2Compute can assist you by deploying this in the way that best suits you. We use the following as our mission:

“8+ in IT”

Our customers rate us with an 8+. An 8 is good, but an 8+ is even better. An 8+ score is more than what most organizations need, especially in relation to the accompanying investment. But when your operational management does require a 10, H2Compute is the perfect partner for you as well.

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Your needs

Your needs are usually not made up of products. They consist of a current and a desired situation. You appreciate the fact that experts advise you and make suggestions about solutions, even if you already had a solution in mind. Development is fast paced and there might be new insights available already. We ensure that you are able to say that you couldn’t have done better yourself.

We don’t see ourselves as a company that is selling products. We sell solution and are always eager to think along with you. We suggest alternatives if we expect it would put you in a better business position. We believe that giving our customers the most beneficial solution is in our own best interest. We want our customers first thought about an IT related problem to be: H2Compute!



Why H2Compute?

We would like to present you with seven reasons why you should opt for H2Compute.

Clear, honest and concrete agreements

The following applies to all the services we provide: You know where you stand and what you can count on. Irrespective of whether it concerns your IT infrastructure, the development of your software, our consultants or IT specialists.

National 088 service desk

It goes without saying that you want to be assisted by someone quickly and professionally when you are experiencing problems with your software, hardware or other IT matters. Our service desk can provide you with fast and expert assistance. Even if you’re not yet one of our customers.

One stop IT shop

We can literally help you from A to Z. As a total solution provider, we can offer IT services from infra management to software development and from interim IT professionals to IT strategy consultants. We are also resellers of various renowned hardware manufacturers.

Customer satisfaction is our driving force

We make sure the products and services we provide are of absolute top quality. We don’t want to be just one of many suppliers, we want to be the company that stands out because of our satisfied customers. Our customers are our ambassadors and they rated our company with an 8+ in IT. However, we can definitely also be the perfect partner if you are in need of a 10.

Solid and certified knowledge

It’s no coincidence we are Microsoft Partners. We exclusively work with certified employees, who can guarantee our customers a solid and professional service.

Tailor made software

Software which offers exactly what you need. Nothing more and nothing less. We can build it for you regardless of whether it concerns a minor adjustment or a complete business application. We have a team of highly qualified professionals in Sri Lanka in addition to our Dutch specialists. This results in an affordable tailor made service.

The quality you need

We can provide the quality you need at very competitive prices. IT is a means and not a goal. We don’t replace anything which doesn’t need replacing, we provide optimal service and an agreement with H2Compute is one stick to.

New way of working

Our customers talk about their experiences

We want it that way, because it can be that way!